1. Peasants Day famously known as Nanenane, is in national Public days calendar celebrated on Eighth Of August Every year. Nanenane is the festival organized and Coordinated by the ministry of agriculture food and cooperatives in collaboration with Tanzania Agriculture Society organization (TASO) involving other stakeholders such as ministries, individuals and government agencies that involved in Agricultural sector.
  2. The festival in the past years was celebrated on Seventh of July every year. The purpose for Nanenane Festival is the government concerns on recognizing the contribution of famers on the Economy of nation by supporting them through research, funding and  agriculture inputs.
  3. The festival is celebrated national wide in zonal, a ten(10) days event(Exhibition) involves different stakeholders from various sectors that have a direct involvement to the improvement of  agriculture infrastructures, such as Financial institutions ,Research and Technology institutions. This includes exhibiting of Raw and finished Products, services and Technology from farmers and suppliers from international and local Companies. 
  4.  Motisun Group through its divisions (MMI Steel Mills Limited, MMI Industries and SAYONA Fruits Limited ) have been taking part in Nanenane exhibitions as among stakeholders through its sister companies. Motisun Group from Our Core Vision and Mission,  We touch the lives of millions of people across the Country every day and we are committed to improve the lives of fellow citizens through” a good life ,a better housing” with Our Brand KIBOKO and in Agricultural revolutionary development projects  infrastructure with our Plastic Products such as HDPE Pipes and Water Tanks.  
  5. The Festival (Nanenane Exhibition) became the most fruitful platform for our Business  especially on Brand development and market establishment for our Products and Brand awareness whereby our Famers have access to Products, details and technical support.

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